Thurston Moore, fanático del Black Metal (?!!!)

¿Quién hubiera pensado que el emplemático guitarrista de Sonic Youth es un fanático perdido del Black Metal ...?

La revista Decibel, le hizo una nota para publicitar el nuevo disco del quinteto de NY (The Eternal) y de paso hablar de cómo Venom y Burzum le cambió la vida ...

"I really drew the line between black metal and death metal. Death metal was obviously more of a technically proficient kind of playing, which I had no interest in. I wanted to hear music by people who had no desire to impress with any kind of traditional, skilled playing"(...) "There’ll be these pieces that are like 18 minutes long. It’s so beyond the traditional strictures of heavy metal that it almost has more to do with modern composition and classical music than it does with heavy metal. You can go either way with some of this stuff. A lot of the black metal I like exists on a plane that’s purely avant-garde as opposed to having anything to do with a band like Metallica"
Link3: PitchforkTV tiene unos muy buenos videos sobre lo nuevo de Sonic Youth!!!!
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